About Amber Board

We are a team of experienced yacht brokers and licensed real estate agents building the market of luxury goods such as yachts, houses and residences, cars, works of art, watches and jewelry.

Our goal is to associate and service our clients in purchase and sale transactions of exceptionally luxurious goods.

There are many new and second-hand luxury products on the Polish market, but there is no platform like ours bringing these products together in one place and guaranteeing reaching the wealthiest customers.

As a team of brokers and real estate agents, we care about the highest level of our services by preparing a professional presentation of the sales offer and directing the offer to interested parties in a quick and direct way.

Our portal was created for the needs of companies that sell luxury goods and wealthy people who want to sell or buy luxury goods but do not have time to browse hundreds of websites and give sale offers on many websites with different quality products, where they often die among a huge number of ads.

Our offers speak with a group of people who can actually be their recipients, bypassing the group that cannot really become a party to the transaction – the seller becomes the buyer and vice versa – the buyer the seller. We care about the quality of brokering as well as price negotiations.

We are the only portal where our client can put up an offer for sale partially hiding the location, price and special characters of the offer to be anonymous and not recognizable by the offer.

We invite companies that produce and sell luxury goods to cooperate with us.

Our customers can order us to sell – buy or put up their sale offer on our portal, saving time and money.
We only mediate in very luxurious goods such as:
– Yachts and boats
– Houses and residences
– Automobiles
– Works of art
– Watches
– Jewelry
We are also open to unusual luxury goods.