[SOLD] Grano Residence – Gdańsk (A.2.20/64,78 m²)

[SOLD] Grano Residence – Gdańsk (A.2.20/64,78 m²)

Building: A
Area*: 64.78 m²
Rooms: 3
Storey: 3th floor




Historic surroundings obliged the authors to design a building that would combine a modern architecture with a rich history of the part of the city. In the design of the building we cared for such details as: historic parcelling divide, roof shapes or the characteristic form of the numerous granaries once located here.

aking into account different needs of the future owners, in Grano Residence there will be located 141 functional and meeting the highest standards luxurious apartments, of various space from 31 to 87 m2 and the structure from 1 single room to 3 rooms apartment.

An underground garage and resident’s closets have also been provided for the residents’ disposal.

It will be a perfect place to live, as well as an attractive real estate for rent. Grano Residence has been created for the persons who live dynamically, value a direct access to the culture and entertainment or look for a good capital investment.


The building binging back the Hanseatic merchant mightiness, in its interior will refer to the Art Deco style prevailing in the 20’s. The architectonic design of the facility as well as the interior is the work of KD Kozikowski Design studio.


The word “Il grano” means wheat in Italian. Once on the Granary Island, where there crossed the commercial routes and the merchants from the whole world arrived for the crops, it was one of the most popular goods for sale. Thus, the name of the new investment is from one side a tribute paid to the history and from the other, a reference to the newly shaped space of the Granary Island that on the real estate market is recognised as investment Eldorado.


The Grano Residence combines tradition with modernity. The characteristic historical form of the granaries, large wooden windows and carefully selected colours and materials constitute only some of the most important elements that create an identity of the exceptional investment. Priority for the designers was the comfort of live for the residents and aesthetics of the building both outside as well as inside thereof.


  • Combination of modernity with an old town climate of the Granary Island.
  • Carefully finished balconies and terraces – wood-like boards and frost resistant gres tiles on the floor.
  • The highest quality architecture – an exceptional and original design of the building as well as of the common parts, of the authorship of the known and renown KD Kozikowiski Design studio.
  • Comprehensive design of the green on the area of the investment – spaces between the buildings filled with the grass and small plant compositions.
  • An original façade, care for details – a combination of modernity with old town climate of the Granary Island.
  • Ergonomic design of the investment adjusted to the needs of handicapped persons.
  • Optical fibre levelling of the non-aesthetic antennae on the facade.


  • Underground garage means a comfort and saving of time due to no need to look for a parking slot, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack in the area of the Old Town.
  • Large gardens at the apartments on the first floor not only increase the space for living, but also allow creating of own green enclave.
  • Silent-running elevators ensure fast moving between all the floors.
  • Spacious, easy to furnish areas of the apartments of an over standard height (2.5 m) and functional layouts enable numerous arrangement possibilities.
  • Large, wooden windows and balcony door with the height of 2 meters naturally illuminate and optically enlarge the rooms, at the same time emphasizing the view values of the closest neighbourhood (Old Town and Motlawa riverside.
  • Anti-burglary entrance door class RC3, video-intercoms and monitoring both outside as well as in the garage hall, shall guarantee safety.
  • The garage gate opened with a remote control ensures full comfort and convenience for the residents.

Apartment A.2.20

General information:

  • Building: A
  • Area*: 64.78 m²
  • Rooms: 3
  • Storey: 3th floor

Surface summary:

  1. Hallway: 13.80 m²
  2. Bathroom: 4.84 m²
  3. Living room + kitchenette: 23.16 m²
  4. Room 1: 14.14 m²
  5. Room 2: 8.84 m²
  6. Balcony: 31.85 m²

*According to the PN-ISO 9836: 1997 standard. The surface includes surface under demountable walls.